Our relationship with Simon Gibson Transport Ltd (SGT) dates back to 2006.  Since then the volume of work that we have done together and our working relationship has grown and developed considerably.
SGT are much more to us than just a haulier.  They are a supply chain partner, who not only deliver material on our behalf; they also schedule deliveries and provide back office administrative support to enable us to invoice our customers.

Furthermore, they provide additional services. For instance they organise safe sampling of materials and delivery of these samples to both customer and test laboratories.  They also provide additional driver training on top of their already comprehensive training to ensure compliance with our Company standards, with particular focus on Health and Safety.

The above may all seem fairly standard for any good Haulier/logistics provider, but I feel it’s the way they do it that sets them apart.  All staff demonstrate a very positive ‘can do’ attitude and always explore all possibilities to meet customers’ requirements, however unusual or difficult these may be!  SGT are therefore the first people we call when faced with a challenging request from one of our customers.

Distribution Manager

Simon Gibson have been an invaluable partner for us in growing our powdered business, both in the UK and mainland Europe.
Simon Gibson offer an extremely flexible, attentive service that allows us to get on with our core business, without worrying about the logistic constraints.  The team at Goole are very reactive to our demands from part filled tankers to tight customer delivery schedules and they have taken in their stride the large volume growth of our business.

We view Simon Gibson as a key partner in our business and we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to companies with bulk powder delivery requirements.

Managing Director

We have dealt with Simon Gibson Transport (SGT) for over 11 years now from our first single load in 2004, developing to a turnover between SGT and ourselves of over £1m during 2014.

During this period, we have found SGT to be thoroughly reliable and totally focused on our company and our customer’s needs.  An ongoing and rather impressive investment plan on their part has seen our business together grow year on year, SGT clearly maintaining an all-important focus on quality of service during this expansion and becoming our first choice, premium haulier for a number of years now.

Their overall professionalism, attention to detail, investment in plant and labour and willingness to succeed are second to none and the reason they are deemed our preferred haulage option.

Continuation of the qualities demonstrated by SGT will see their ongoing success in 2015 and beyond.


Transport Without Compromise

A 100% commitment to meeting our needs and those of our customers are among the reasons why Simon Gibson’s contract with ourselves has been extended.

In 2012 we felt the third party haulage solution no longer fitted the supply chain business model and needed a shake up.

Through the tender process Simon emerged as a serious contender for our UK tanker business.

He faced tough competition from other hauliers, all substantially larger players in the market, and following exhaustive discussions was awarded a two year contract.

Thanks to his personal commitment and flexibility, this has now been extended for a further two years.

Since the beginning of our relationship we have seen a two-fold increase in service levels and have a much more positive relationship with customers as we can deliver what they need – transport without compromise.

Simon and his staff understand we do not run a bus service but require an adaptable and dynamic company to move forward with us.

We are pleased to see that since being awarded the contract Simon’s own business has grown, acquiring more contracts and increasing its fleet size.

We hope this is a long term venture.

UK Logistics Manager

My introduction to Simon Gibson Transport was in 2013 whilst conducting a bulk powder tender. The relationship got off to a good start as Simon took time out to understand my transport requirements and make clear the strengths that his company could offer before he submitted all the tender requirements.

As a result of the tender SGT now manage 13% of our transport requirements to over 70 delivery locations, serving the Water and Food industries.

18 months on, the decision to appoint SGT has been popular across the loading points, customer service, planning, purchasing and, most importantly, the end customer.

The equipment presented is always clean and maintained to a high standard. The staff at SGT, including the drivers, are always helpful, despite the numerous requests for changes and last minute delivery requests. Most importantly the team at SGT are proactive in communicating when deliveries are delayed, allowing us to contact customers in advance. In 18 months we have not received any customer complaints relating to the service SGT provide.

Supply Chain & Procurement Manager